A Certified Mediator With Over 30 Years Of Experience As A Litigator, Corporate Counsel And Superior Court Judge

Benefits Of Alternative Dispute Resolution

As an attorney with clients facing major disputes, you know the potential costs and difficulties ahead intimately. Moving the case into alternative dispute resolution (ADR) brings several important advantages that your client may prefer.

My name is Doug Federspiel, and I am the founder of Problem Solver Law PLLC. I provide alternative dispute resolution services as a mediator and arbitrator to people from Yakima and across Washington. I have a uniquely designed meeting space that makes things easier, faster and more comfortable for you and your clients. But the space and my 30 years of legal experience are not the only benefits you’ll see in choosing ADR.

ADR Is Private

As you know, any court filing, any argument, and any words spoken before a judge or as part of a deposition are public records. There is the opportunity to seal in some cases, but for the most part, the court keeps a record of all dialogue and discussion. This can be a fairly uneasy prospect for people going through such disputes as:

  • Commercial litigation disputes
  • Disruptive family law battles
  • Partnership disputes, including shareholder disputes and valuation

These are sensitive issues that can create public problems for your client. ADR offers you a quiet way to find resolutions to these kinds of problems.

ADR Is Less Expensive

Court costs, discovery and the labor of your work as an attorney add up to bills for your clients. ADR, by comparison, can be a lot less expensive because the entire process can move much more rapidly once begun. The costs that you and your clients save in a successful mediation are extensive.

ADR Is Faster

Sometimes, you and your clients need to find a solution as soon as you possibly can. Waiting for space on a docket when there is a real estate deadline or a coming planting season is not what you want. You can get seen by an arbitrator much faster by comparison and get out sooner, too.

Skilled. Experienced. Dedicated.

I love to solve problems because it gives me a chance to use the legal creativity I’ve honed over three decades as an attorney and judge. I’m ready to work with you to help you find answers as soon as possible. Reach out for a meeting by calling 509-572-9142 or sending an email.