A Certified Mediator With Over 30 Years Of Experience As A Litigator, Corporate Counsel And Superior Court Judge

Problems Solved By A Former Judge

Attorneys with clients facing significant legal battles may want to consider alternatives to traditional litigation. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is an effective problem-solving tool as long as you go to the right ADR service.

My name is Doug Federspiel, and I have a wealth of experience from three different legal careers. I’ve made finding solutions to difficult problems through the use of ADR for people in Yakima and across the area of my focus. I know the law. I know what drives the law. At Problem Solver Law PLLC, I can work with you and your clients in pursuit of a workable, lasting outcome.

I Am Devoted To Finding Solutions

I started out as a trial lawyer, primarily commercial litigation focused on contract disputes, business valuations, partnership dissolutions and accounting and professional liability. I litigated significant cases in Washington and federal courts, including many other states nationwide.

From there, I had the great fortune to become General Counsel for Wilkinson Corporation, a real estate investment fund manager. Acting as a Chief Legal Officer, I:

  • Managed in-house and outside lawyers
  • Advised the board of directors
  • Sat on the company’s investment committee
  • Introduced relevant technology
  • Created centralized databases
  • Negotiated and improved the overall insurance coverage

I was fortunate enough to transition to the bench where I have been for the last decade, with my term as a Superior Court Judge ending January 10th, 2021. While I have presided over dozens of felony criminal jury trials through verdicts, the majority of my work on the bench focused on civil litigation, including everything from contract disputes to insurance litigation to class actions.

Respected By The Legal Community

Throughout my career, I have built solid relationships with attorneys and judges across the Washington legal community. From my work on the Board for Judicial Administration, the BJA Budget and Finance Committee, the Superior Court Judges’ Association, the American Bar Association and the Advisory Committee to the Washington State Department of Commerce, I have learned both the structure and the drivers of Washington’s legal system and forged lasting friendships and meaningful relationships throughout the state.

I’m Ready For The Challenge Of Solving Your Problem

I am excited to bring my knowledge, experience and connections to any organization where I can help play a crucial role in its success. I thrive under pressure and work tirelessly to come up with creative solutions to business challenges and legal problems.

Reach out to my office today at 509-572-9142 or send an email using this form.