A Certified Mediator With Over 30 Years Of Experience As A Litigator, Corporate Counsel And Superior Court Judge

When Arbitration Makes Sense

Arbitration is a method of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) closest to going into the courtroom because decisions there are binding. Arbitration is for clients who seek a final resolution, and perhaps vindication, for their issue.

At Problem Solver Law PLLC, I draw on my 30-plus years of experience as an attorney and a judge to utilize alternative dispute resolution to solve problems for people in Yakima. I am a fair and thorough arbitrator, and I can help you and your client reach a resolution.

Why Turn To Me For Arbitration

As arbitration is binding, it is a wise decision to choose an arbitrator experienced in all aspects of the litigation process. As a former judge, I have made many high-stakes decisions in civil cases, such as:

  • Commercial law
  • Family law
  • Real estate law
  • Agricultural business

As an arbitrator, I bring the experience and understanding of the legal drivers and realties to your case. My decisions and outcomes are based on legal understanding and would stand up to scrutiny.

Additionally, I’ve built my offices to provide a calming and comfortable experience to people in arbitration. There are two separate meeting rooms fully equipped with a kitchenette, bathroom and comfortable seating. It allows me to hold private discussions with both parties individually and efficiently without having to expose disputing parties to each other too much. I get to hear the entire point you and your team make without interruption or rebuttal.

Dedicated To Solving Problems

With a long career in the law, I’ve made solving problems a major aspect of my professional life. I relish the opportunity to learn about organizations and individuals and their unique struggles. I put all my efforts into finding a way forward that works.

Call my office to get started by calling 509-572-9142 or sending an email using this form.